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Florida Attorney: Real Estate and Real Estate Litigation What is Real Estate Law?

Whether you know it as real estate, realty, or real property, this extensive category of law impacts most of us on a daily basis. That’s because real estate law applies to all homeowners, tenants, renters, landlords, home sellers, and home buyers.

Real estate law encompasses the ownership or use of land in the United States, governing how people acquire property and what they can do with it. It is important to know and understand your rights as a property owner or purchaser, especially when it comes to such matters as financing, zoning, taxes, deeds, titles, and estate planning. That is why we recommend contacting Kelton Law, P.A., a Florida-based firm that’s committed to helping you with your real estate needs.

Kelton Law, P.A. in Deltona Can Help You With:

  • Drafting and reviewing deeds
  • Negotiating property sales
  • Reviewing mortgage contracts
  • Reviewing financing options
  • Litigation for landlord/tenant disputes
  • Litigation for homeowner/homeowner’s association disputes

Drafting a Deed: What You Need to Know

A deed, or property deed, is a physical document signed by both a buyer and a seller that grants someone ownership and legal rights to real property. Great care must be taken when drafting a deed to ensure it provides a thorough and clear description of the property and the type of ownership being transferred. Working with an experienced real estate attorney will ensure this legal critical document is drafted properly during the purchase, sale, or inheritance of a home or property.

Having an Experienced Real Estate Attorney Makes a Difference

When it comes to real estate litigation, you can turn to Kelton Law, P.A., who will apply their specialized knowledge of Florida property laws and significant experience in civil litigation to successfully litigate your real estate disputes.

Real estate law is a complex practice area, oftentimes obscured by laws that are inconsistent within states and sometimes even within cities. With years of experience practicing in the Volusia county area, Kelton Law, P.A. knows the details and nuances of local real estate law and litigation in Central Florida. Attorney Michael P. Kelton works diligently to protect his clients’ property rights and ensure they have the information they need to make informed real estate decisions.